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"A head full of dreams" (Parlophone / Warner - 2020)

A head full of dreams


"A head full of dreams" is the seventh album by the British band Coldplay, whose recent release could not escape to the Musiclassroom columnists. Registered in California and London,
this album is a great artistic and commercial success, a real firework of colors, positive energy and joy that brings the group to the summit of his musical maturity.
As usual, the melodies are unstoppable and arrangements of great wealth, a kind of reminiscence of those of a certain successful band of the 90s: Tears for fears.

1. "A head full of dreams" begins with fireworks, psychedelic atmosphere very rich and planing on which will gradually graft a big sound of dance drums.

2. "Birds" begins on a rhythm of drums packed immediately joined by harmonious guitar arpeggios in G major.

3. "Hymn for the weekend" is introduced by birdsongs in which female vocals appear crescendo.

4. "Everglow" is probably one of the hits of the album with its introduction on the piano on a original chord progression: C# min / A Maj / E maj / G# min  / C# min / A maj / B maj.sus4.

5. "Adventure of a lifetime" is undoubtedly the single from the album, based on a stubborn gymick atpeggio of harmonized guitar, later  a joint by a rise of 3 chords: F Maj / G Maj  / A min.

6. "Fun" brings up the participation of Lo Tov and opens with guitar arpeggios in the same key as the previous title, on four chords: F Maj / G Maj  / C Maj / E Maj / F maj.

7. "Kaleidoscope" begins in an original way, by a conventional nick piano piece that will leave room for a piano based on two chords: Bb Maj /  G min / on a 5 beat measure.

8. "Army of one" begins on a sample loop voice that will serve as background to the lead voice coming later on. This gymick will be harmonized in the fourth bar, by 3 repetitive chords: Ab Maj / Eb Maj / Bb7 sus4.

9. "Amazing day" is introduced by guitars that sound radio like, and gradually crescendo towards a full sound on a leisurely tempo, on a simple progression of eight chords: F Maj /  D min / Bb Maj / G min  / C maj / A min / Bb maj / C maj.

10. "Colour spectrum" opens with the same atmosphere as "A head full of dreams" and uses the same voice gymicks as "A head full of dreams."

11. "Up & up" is based on a 4 piano chord progression: G Maj /  D Maj / E min  / C maj, punctuated by a volume guitar on the first beat of each bar.

Conclusion: Coldplay is a sure value of the current pop rock scene. Only producing quality albums, creativity foolproof and enjoying worldwide popularity, the UK group is must and deserves its current position in the international charts. Recommended without reservation.