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Chords in fourths

Building chords in fourths

1.  Voicings in fourths


This style of writing, where the notes are voiced in fourth or augmented fourth, appears in the 60's with jazz musicians such as Miles Davis, Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock for example.




becomes :

3 trumpets + 3 trombones






Note: harmonization in fourths is much hazier and less stable than voicings in thirds:


E min. (add11) or A sus4 or C maj.6/9 or D sus4 (add9) or G 6/9 (omitt9) ?



- This uncertainty doesn't any lack of interest and adapts better to the modal language, so well illustrated by Miles Davis in his theme "So what":




D Dorian ( contrast: minor 3rd / major 6th )






- The voicings in fourths finally provides a wide sound, even with a reduced number of instruments:




2 trumpets + 2 trombones




- In this case, the instruments are located in their good range and create a full sound. If we used the same chord in thirds and in a closed position, the trombones would then be located in a too high register, and the sound of the chord would be unbalanced:





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