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The alto violin

The alto violin technique


Range, tuning, sound and playing techniques of the alto violin for composers and arrangers.
The viola register is lower than the violin. It also has four strings tuned in perfect fifths, and is written with a C clef (third line) at real pitch.
The four strings are C, G, D and A.
The range of the alto is more limited than that of the violin in the high register. It is going from the C note (second space) below the stave of the C clef, up to the C note (third line) of the treble clef.
The technique of the alto is almost identical to the violin one, but the instrument is less virtuoso than the violin because its larger dimensions.
It can also produce the double, triple and quadruple strings, includes ten positions of the left hand on the neck and can also produce overtones and pizzicatos.
Its bowing techniques are the same: the "staccato" (short and detached sounds), the "legato" (with or without a vibrato), playing the strings "on the neck" that gives a softer sound, the "tremolo", a short and fast vibration, and the pizzicatos.

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