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The oboe

The oboe technique


Range, tuning, sound and playing techniques of the oboe for composers and arrangers.
Just below the range of the flute, we find the oboe which is a double reed instrument tuned in C, and written with a treble clef at real pitch.
Its range goes from low Bb note below the stave up to the high G note, four ledger lines above the stave.
The bass register has a bass and quite rough sound, that can only be played with dynamic "Mezzo Forte" to "Forte". The midrange has a fairly warm sound and the high register sounds clear, sometimes pale in the extreme high regsiter.
At the technical level, the oboe remains the instrument of lyricism and expression.
His breath still remains one of the most important of the woodwind family.
Its double reed allows a simple articulation only, and the "legato" patterns remains very effective, in a moderate tempo.
Just like the flute, the oboe can produce the "staccato", an expressive "legato" with or without vibrato, and the trills.

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