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Jazz accompaniment 1

Theme on the right hand above sustained chords on the left hand

1. Examples & Analysis


a. Theme VS sustained chords :



In this first example, the melody takes place in simple ternary eighth notes phrase on the right hand.


The accompaniment here lies in the use of chords of 3 or 4 sounds, played on the 1st beats of each bar, in dotted half notes.


It should be noted that chords 1 and 3 are constructed in thirds and alternate with chords 2 and 4 voiced in fourths..


The composition of chord 1 use the 7th (B) as a dissonance, while that of chord 2 uses the 7th (C) and augmented 9th  (F natural)




b. Homorythmic accompaniment with both hands



The melody is here located in the upper voice of the right hand, supported by chords with 2 hands, struck in regular quarter note rythm.


This chord chart shows the sequence of 11th minor chords  and 2 dominant sus4 chords (4th beat).


Also notice the position of triads in the form of intervals of 10th in the left hand, and the right hand chords mainly voiced in 4ths.

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