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The posture at the classical piano

The position of the body at the piano


Description of the posture of the fingers, the wrist, the arm, the shoulders and the back while playing piano
Sitting at the piano is done on the edge of the stool, and not at the back of a chair.
Your back is straight, the shoulders relaxed and down, and the position of the hand on the keyboard will be the one of a relaxed arm along the body, that we just put on the keyboard.
We can see in the video, that the wrist is horizontal with slightly rounded fingers.
The wrist is not up or down, but remains virtually horizontal and relaxed, while the fingers remain firm.
The contact of the fingers on the keyboard is done by the fingertips, not the Phalanges or the nails.
So if we summarize: sitting on the front edge of the stool, a straight back, the shoulders in a relaxed position and also some relaxed arms that we naturally put on the keyboard.

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