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The relationships scales - jazz chords

The chords and their improvised scales


Which are the possible improvisation scales above the major 7th chord, the minor 7th chord, the dominant 7th chord, the half diminished 7th chord, the diminished 7th chord and the suspension chord.
In these examples, we will take the C note as a tonic.
We begin with the major seventh chord on which we can use the C Ionian mode, the Lydian mode, the C pentatonic major scale and finally the C chromatic scale.
With the minor seventh chord, we can use the C Dorian mode, the C Aeolian mode, the C blues scale and finally the chromatic scale.
For the dominant seventh chord, we will have more opportunities so that we can use the C mixolydian mode, the blues scale, the pentatonic scale, the diminished scale, the reversed diminished scale, the Japanese scale, the altered scale, the whole-tone scale and the chromatic scale.
With the half-diminished seventh chord, we can use the C Locrian mode, the diminished scale, the altered scale and the chromatic scale too.
With the diminished seventh chord, the possible scales are: the diminished and chromatic scales for example.
This exercise will consist in playing one scale per octave, for the five types of chords studied above, in both binary and ternary (Swing) feelings, and on the twelve tones of the chromatic scale.

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