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Free lessons - Theory

Melody Melody Definition and composition of a melody as a succession of neighbour or distant notes
The melodic motion The melodic motion The ascending, descending and horizontal melodic motions
The chords The chords How to build a 2, 3 or 4 voice chord in root position
The sound of the chords The sound of the chords The constitutive intervals of the chords such as the perfect and imperfect consonances, and the dissonances
The chord progressions The chord progressions The direct and contrary motions between the notes of two consecutive chords
Harmony Harmony An understanding of musical classical harmony using non harmonic notes
The harmonic voices The harmonic voices Poisition of the four basic voices of harmony including the bass, tenor, alto and soprano
The music structures The music structures Description of the five main sections of a piece : the introduction, exposition, development, recapitulation and coda
The The "sonata" structure Buiding a classical sonata structure including an introduction, an exposition, a development, a recapitulation and a coda
The jazz chords The jazz chords Structure of the six basic jazz chords including the major 7th, the minor 7th..