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Definition of a melody


Definition of the melodic curve also called volute or arabesque, which is made of small and larger intervals, and based on a scale or a mode.
A melody is a serie of tones or notes, that take place in time. It is therefore a horizontal conception of music. The notes keep coming to make a melodic curve or "arabesque". They Follow one another by intervals.

for example here:

-from C to B: minor second
-from B to C: minor second
-from C to D: major second
-from D to E: major second
-from E to G: minor third
-from G to C: perfect fourth
-from C to B: minor second
-from B to A: major second
-from A to C: minor third
-from C to F: perfect fourth
-from F to A: major third
-from A to G: major second
-from G to A: minor seventh
-from A to B: major second
-from B to D: minor third
-from D to C: major second

The melody we used as an example, is based on a major scale. So we say that our melody is in the key of C major.

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