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The stave

Description of a stave


Definition and description of the musical stave with its 5 lines and 4 spaces numbered from bottom to top, and its ledger lines, greeding all the necessary signs for wrighting and reading music.

As we can see in the video, the range is a set of 5 parallel lines and 4 spacing on which the signs used to write the music will be placed.
We usually number these lines and spaces from bottom to top.
One can increase the range of the stave by adding Additional ledger lines above for the high instruments or below for the bass instruments.
Sometimes, in order to avoid too many ledger lines, a sign of octave is used, represented by a small number 8 which is placed above or below the notes and that allows us to write sounds inside the stave and to make them sound an octave higher or lower.
In order to be red, some instruments require several staves. This is the case for the harp or the piano that are written on two staves, or the organ that uses three staves.

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