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Chords over bass notes

Building chords on harmonic or non harmonic bass notes


Any chord is in search of his roots. It is based on known foundations, but sometimes bass notes that are totally foreign to him. Any chord can rely on a low bass note belonguing to it, or that is completely foreign. For example, in the first case we have a C major chord, perfect major triad above a low of C note, that is the real true chord root: C-E-G. we note : C major is the note C, slash on C bass. In the second case, we have a triad of C major on a low note B. We write: C major chord, slash, on a B bass.\r\nThe chord we obtain from bottom to top: B-C-E-G, is a third inversion of the C major 7 chord: C-E-G-B. the third case, we have a minor triad C-Eb-G above an A low note. The chord obtained from bottom to top is: A-C-Eb-G,an A half-diminished seventh chord. Finally, in the last case, the chord indicated is: C major built on a Db bass , which is completely foreign to the C major tonality. Db is a non-harmonic note. This gives a rather dissonant chord, very useful in some styles of music. Listening..

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