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The harmonic sequences

How to create an harmonic sequence


Some harmonic progressions proceed by harmonic sequences repeated identical to themselves, at different pitches. This is called a harmonic sequence of two or more chords identical to itself at several different pitches. A harmonic sequence can be non modulating, that is to say stay in the same tonality, or go through several tonalities and become "modulating". In the first case, this non modulating sequence in C major is performed by intervals of fourths in the bass voice. So: Do-Fa, Si-Mi, then A-D-Do and G-C. This sequence uses seventh chords ( major seventh and minor seventh chords). In the second example, we also have a sequence proceeding by intervals of fourths, on the bottom voice: C-F, Bb-Eb, Ab-Db and Sol-Do. But here we pass through several tones based on a sequence V-I reproduced identical to itself. The first sequence is in F major, the second in Eb major, the third major in Db major and the last in C major.

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