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Withney Houston

Love will save the day

Love will save the day


In this report, let's analyse the "Love will save the day" tune, performed by one of the most burning voices of the international pop / soul stage : Whitney Houston. Included in the album "Whitney" released in 1987, and edited by RCA / Ariola, this song, composed by Tony Green and arranged by Jack Waldman, is produced by Jellybean and remixed by Mickael Hutchinson and Doc Dogherty, at the "Sigma sound" studios (New York), "hit factory" studios (New York), "Larrabee" studios (Los Angeles) and "Sound track" studios (New York).


Introduction 8 bars
Verse 1 16 bars
Verse 2 8 bars
Break 1 2 bars
Chorus 16 bars
Break 2 4 bars
Verse 1 16 bars
Verse 2 8 bars
Break 1 2 bars
Chorus 16 bars
Break 2 4 bars
Solo 8 bars
Verse 2 8 bars
Break 1 2 bars
Chorus 16 bars
Chorus 16 bars
Break 1 2 bars


Theme 1 :

The verse 1 theme is entirely syncopated* and its ambitus* is not larger than a perfect 5th (C-G). It is built around the D note is 4 bars long, repeated several times :


Theme 2 :

As a real extension of the previous theme, the verse 2 melody (bridge) remains syncopated, but enlarges the ambitus to the interval of a minor 7th (D-C). It is made of 2 sequences of 2 bars each, respectively based on the "Bb" et "Ab" notes :


Theme 3 :

This chorus theme includes a 4 bar repeated motive in the medium-high register of the lead voice, also with an ambitus of a minor 7th (D-C) :



The harmonic progression is simple, in the D minor main tonality :

Introduction D min D min D min D min
Verse 1 D min G min 11 Eb maj 6/9 D min
Verse 2 Bb maj 9 F maj / A F min / Ab D min 7 / A
Break 1 G min 7 / C G min 7 / C
Chorus D min G min 11 Eb maj 6/9 D min
Break 2 D min D min D min D min

The harmonic frequency* is of 1 bar and we can notice the insistent tonic chord "D min 7". The 2nd verse and break 1 seem to modulate to the relative key* : F major.


The tempo is : quarter note = 120 and the key signature : 4/4. The beat remains binairy* and the basic pulse : the sixteenth note (4 sixteenth note per beat). The vocal themes are mainly based on syncopated rhythms.


Bass guitar
Electric piano


Title Duration Tempo Style Measure Tonality Parts
Love will save the day 5'15'' 120 Song Soul 4/4 Re menor 17


Binairy A beat that can be divided into 2 parts or multiple of 2 (4, 8 and so on)
Harmonic frequency Number of chords per bar
Muted guitar A way to mute the strings resonance with the left hand, while plucking the strings with a plectre, in order to obtain a very dry and short sound
Range Distance between the lowest and the highest notes of a melody
Relative key 2 keys placed a minor 3rd apart, one is major and the other minor, and having the same signature key. Eg: C maj. and A min.
Riff A repeated melodic or harmonic motive
Syncopation Rhythm played on a weak beat and sustained with a slur or a dot, towards a strong beat.