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"Gatsby" (Interscope - 2020)



First of all, we do not understand what Rap music is doing in a such movie describing the richness and decline of the 20's, remarkably illustrated in the excellent Scott Fitzerald's novel. Then, we progressively enter in the soul melodies and reinterpretations of U2,Amy Winehouse or Beyoncé's tunes. But, by the way, is the movie so successful ? We will talk about it later on...


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JayZ: 100$ Bill
JayZ: Back To Black
JayZ: Young And Beautiful
JayZ: Love Is Blindness
JayZ: Crazy In Love
JayZ: Bang Bang
JayZ: "I Like Large Parties"
JayZ: A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)
JayZ: Love Is The Drug
JayZ: "Can't Repeat The Past?"
JayZ: Hearts A Mess
JayZ: Where The Wind Blows
JayZ: Green Light
JayZ: No Church In The Wild
JayZ: Over The Love
JayZ: Together
JayZ: Into The Past
JayZ: Kill And Run
JayZ: Over The Love (Of You)
JayZ: Young And Beautiful
JayZ: "Gatsby Believed In The Green Light"