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Ahmad Jamal

"Live at the Olympia" (Jazz village - 2020)

Live at the Olympia


It is a deep friendship between these two exceptional musicians. Both have chosen to change their names to match their spiritual inclination and claim loudly that they belong to the Muslim religion. Both are magicians, in search of the sublime, where we do not necessarily expect them to listen to the world. The appointment at the Olympia has long been planned on a repertoire of originals and standards, it keeps its promises. Beautifully captured, this album has something extra that a recording studio could not retransmit the order of risk-taking, the tangible balance of two tightrope walkers music. A great record and the latest sign of an alchemist, Yusef Lateef, finger raised to the sky to interpellate minds.
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Jamal: This Is The Life (Live)