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Diana Krall

"Glad rag doll " (Verve - 2020)

Glad rag doll


With this new release, Diana Krall changes her style and erases this kind of "well behave" image she used to give us. In collaboration with producer T-Bone Burnett and guitar player Marc Ribot, the musician takes us to the roots of jazz : the ragtime of the 20's, more crude with a live sound. To discover !


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Krall: We Just Couldn't Say
Krall: There Ain't No Sweet Man
Krall: Just Like a Butterfly
Krall: You Know I Know
Krall: Glad Rag Doll
Krall: I'm A Little Mixed Up
Krall: Prairie Lullaby
Krall: Here Lies Love
Krall: I Used to Love You But...
Krall: Let it Rain
Krall: Lonely Avenue
Krall: Wide River to Cross
Krall: When the Curtain Comes...