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Hélène Grimaud

The pianist and the wolves

As an international music star, pianist Hélène Grimaud starts sudying piano very early. At the age of 13, she joins the conservatory of Paris ( France ). She records her first CD at the age of 15 and goes to the U.S where she meets Alawa, a female wolf who soon becomes a real passion. As she tells us in the book 'Variations sauvages', she shares her life between piano and wolves since years. Hélène Grimaud is famous for her great performances of composers Brahms, Rachmaninov or Bach, but above all for her exceptional virtuosity.

Source : Wikipedia

Album: "Kammerorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks"

Kammerorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks
The question was whether the game a little rough of Hélène Grimaud could suit the sensuality of Mozart melodies. It seems that the quality of the Symphony Orchestra of the Bavarian Radio is mostly responsible in the success of this album, besides concertos interpreted and conducted by the French artist herself. The vivacity, brilliance and virtuosity of the concerto K459, opposes the sensuality, mystery and tenderness of the K488 concerto. A success !



2010: Résonances (Deutsch Grammophon)

2008: Bach: clavecin bien tempéré + concerto piano n°1 (Deutsch Grammophon)

2007: Beethoven: concerto piano n°5 & Jurowsky: sonate piano n°28 op. 101 (Deutsch Grammophon)

2005: Rachmaninov: concerto piano n°2 & Chopin: concerto piano n°2 (Deutsch Grammophon)

2005: Bartok: concerto piano n°3 (Deutsch Grammophon)

2005: R.Schumann, C.Schumann & Brahms (Deutsch Grammophon)

2003: Beethoven, Bach, Corigliano, Part (Deutsch Grammophon)

2001: Rachmaninov: concerto piano n°2 + variations sur thème de Corelli (Teldec)

1999: Beethoven: concerto piano n°4 + sonates piano n°30 & 31 (Teldec)

1997: Gershwin & Ravel: concertos pour piano (Erato Warner)

1996: Brahms: pièces piano op. 116 & 119 (Erato Warner)

1995: Schumann: concerto pour piano & Strauss : burleske (Erato Warner)

1993: Rachmaninov: Concerto piano n°2 & Ravel: Concerto piano (Denon)

1992: Brahms: Sonate piano n°3 + 6 pièces (Denon)

1989: Schumann: Kreisleriana & Brahms: sonate piano n°2 (Denon)

1987: Chopin: Ballade No.1, Liszt: Aprés Une Lecture Du Dante & Schumann: Ballade pour... (Denon)

1986: Rachmaninov: concerto piano n°2 (Denon)

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