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Yves Feger

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Pianist, composer, arranger, publisher and producer, Yves Feger begins the piano and solfége at the age of 7 years. After ten years studying at the Conservatory of Marseille (France), he decided to pursue professional studies and entered musicology at the University of Lyon (France) then in the classes of harmony, counterpoint, fugue, analysis and musical training at the National Conservatory of Lyon. At the same time, he entered the Conservatoire supérieur de Musique de Lyon in order to follow the writing classes of Mr Raffi Ourgandjian. He then decided to follow the classes of composition and orchestration at the superior Geneva Conservatory of music (Switzerland) with the composer Pierre Wissmer. In 1985, he left for the USA and was admitted at the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester (New York) where he obtaines graduations in the fields as diverse as orchestra conducting, orchestration, arranging, composition and Jazz improvisation. Back to France, he goes to Paris and collaborates with the producer Victor Marouani and the Musician Roland Romanelli for the realization of album of songs for various artists, the composition of soundtracks for Film Music and that of Generic Music for the national television channel France 2. At the same time, he writes 25 books of Music Pedagogy in national distribution as well as many reports in some national musical magazines (Keyboards, Rock & Folk, Classic etc ...). He is currently pursuing his musical career as a pianist, composer, arranger...

Album: "The Following Morning"

The Following Morning
"The Following Morning" is the third album of the composer Arranger Pianist and French producer Yves FEGER. This one plunges us into the fantastic world of film music, voluntarily oriented to acoustic music for piano and symphonic orchestra. The rich and shimmering orchestrations reveal 14 original themes as diverse as each other, and based on beautiful richly harmonized melodies that invite us to dream and travel. The tonal musical language remains characteristic of the composer and is strongly influenced by the classical music, song, jazz and world music. We are constantly passing from the classical melodic character of "missing", "Nostalgic dance", "Flore`s lullaby", "A sunset walk", to the zany "Neighbour`s dance", the very Celtic "And the river flew" or the jazzy" Inside ". An album rich in melodious themes, in warm harmonies, all in a very personal and constantly renewed atmosphere. An album advised to all fans of good instrumental film music.



2016: Fly music (Y.F Production)

2014: A world sinfony (Y.F Production)

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