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Laurent Voulzy

The melodic talent

Laurent Voulzy is a French singer and composer.
Voulzy was born in Paris, France. He originally led the English-pop-influenced Le Temple de Vénus before joining Pascal Danel as guitarist from 1969 to 1974. However, he is best known for his collaborative songwriting efforts with singer/songwriter Alain Souchon and his solo singing career, which spanned several successful albums. Voulzy had an international hit with the song Rockollection. The French lyrics were interspersed with some lines from classic rock hits after the chorus. His major French hits also include 'Le Soleil Donne' – sung in French, English and Spanish – and 'Les Nuits Sans Kim Wilde' ('Nights without Kim Wilde'), inspired by the chart-topping English singer. Voulzy had a huge hit with his album La Septième Vague which reached number one. Featured on the album is a cover of the Everly Brothers hit "All I Have to Do Is Dream", recorded as a duet with Irish singer Andrea Corr. The song was released as a single and was also included on The Corrs' greatest hits album Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection. In 2006, Voulzy recorded in 2007 a duet with famous French guitarist Jean-Pierre Danel on his hit album Guitar Connection 2. The song hit the French charts at #7 in 2008. For his 2011 album, Lys and Love, Voulzy recorded a duet on the song "Ma seule amour" with English singer Roger Daltrey of The Who. In 2007, Voulzy toured France.

source: wikipedia

Album: "Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy"

Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy
After 40 years of collaboration, Laurent Voulzy and Alain Souchon realize a joint album for the first time. If you're a Voulzy's fan , you will not be disappointed with titles like "Derrière les mots" in which we find the composer's style in its purest tradition: trippy guitars, strings, rich harmonies .. Note the two friends surprising song a capella : "Ils étaient deux garçons" and that any medieval "On était beau". Without a doubt, "Derrière les mots" will remain the single from an album still less desirable than the previous ones.



2014: Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy (SONY)

2008: Recollection (BMG)

2006: La septième vague (BMG)

2001: Avril (ARIOLA)

2001: Lys & love (SONY)

1992: Caché derrière (RCA)

1983: Bopper en larmes (RCA)

1979: Le coeur grenadine (RCA)

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