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Paul Van Haver, better known as Stromae (born 12 March 1985) is a Belgian singer-songwriter. He has distinguished himself in both hip hop and electronic music. He first became famous with the song "Alors on danse" which remained at number one for several weeks in numerous countries throughout Europe.

Album: "Racine carrée"

Racine carrée
What a long way from his room or Stromae wrote his first hits. After global success "Alors on danse" or "Te quiero", he returns with "square root" and key titles "Great" or "papaoutai" that promise to become unavoidable. The recipe? a dance beat and strong words! Fans of this style will be served.



2010: Bienvenue chez moi

2010: House lleluia

2010: Rail de musique

2010: Peace or violence

2010: Te quiero

2010: Cheese

2009: Enfants de l an 2000

2009: Up saw liz

2001: Alors on danse

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