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Jazz piano

Chords with their alterations and extensions


The chords of jazz piano, their altérations and extensions.
The seventh chords can be enriched by alterations or extensions.

Let's see the alterations first.
The major seventh chord may include an augmented fifth (G#) or diminished fifth (Gb).
The minor seventh chord may have a major seventh (B).
The dominant seventh chord may have an augmented fifth (G#) or a diminished fifth (Gb).
The half diminished seventh chord may include a major seventh (B).
In the diminished seventh chord, we may add a major seventh (B) in addition to the existing diminished seventh (Bbb or A).
Finally, the suspension chord may include a diminished fifth (Gb).

Now, let's see the enrichment of seventh chords by the extensions.
The principle is very simple: one, three, five, seven, nine, eleven and thirteen.
For the major seventh chord, the extensions are: the major ninth (D), the augmented eleventh (F#) and the major thirteenth (A).
With minor seventh chord, the extensions are: the major ninth (D), the perfect eleventh (F) and the major thirteenth (A).
In the dominant seventh chord, we have more opportunities and we find the following extensions: the major ninth (D), the minor ninth (Db) and the augmented ninth (D#). We may also combine both altered ninths simultaneously (Db and D#). Then the augmented eleventh (F#) and finally the major thirteenth (A).
In the half diminished seventh chord, the extensions are located one tone above each of the three basic notes (root, third and fifth), that is to say, the major ninth (D), the perfect eleventh (F) and the major (La) or minor (Lab) thirteenth.
Regarding the diminished seventh chord, the rule is the same as the previous case, and we will have a major ninth (D), a perfect eleventh (F) and a major(A) or minor (Ab) thirteenth.