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Julien Doré



If there's one thing that does not lack in the album "Løve", it is love. As a detoxification program, Julien Doré gives here the 12 Steps of lovers mourning, when the break is and it only remains to heal its wounds. The album opens with "Viborg", including electronic sustained chords that give a rather sad tone to the song and sets the tone for Løve. Sadness is contained, but the puercussive chorus rises in intensity. "Paris-Seychelles", the first single, follows, and brings a solar thermal system. Bright, while dimming, "Paris-Seychelles" quickly invited into the minds and turns in our heads repetitively. A summer hit (Indian). Third piece, "Habemus Papaya" (nice pun) welcomes the "Brigitte" band. Rather languid, the voice of the female duo perfectly fits with the bass of Julien Doré. A little a little vintage and "oldschool", Habemus Papaya is the perfect song to conclude. Hotel Therese is necessary contrasting, nervous, where the artist makes a bitter fact. "Heaven", entirely in English, invites some Caribbean sounds. With an ukululé, "Heaven" revolves around the fear of being forgotten, disappearing thoughts of the loved one. A resurrection is back with the perfect duo with Micky Green, "Chou Wasabi" whose dancing rhythm is very nice and full of character. The lightness is confirmed with "Platini", a transition to the darkest part of the album. A Special mention for the small choir that brings a shifted touch to this declaration of love to the famous football player. "London Loves You" is an invitation to travel, with a nice selection of choirs, but soon, the album takes a darker turn, especially with "my Apache" (close to "La Dolce Vita" from singer "Christophe" simply accompanied by a piano, or "We Will look for Winter" very melancholic. "Løve" ends with a note of hope, "White Crow", whose melody reminds us a thriller of the 70's but leaves an open door. A cathartic process for the artist, beautiful, dark and powerful. "Love" reminds us of the power of sublime feelings and focuses the breaking into twelve successful titles, both solar and dark. Put some Løve in your life!